Optimum glazing Panel

Air conditioningHatch Mini kitchenIsolation options Full glazing with skylights Sliding windowFixed glazing Fire rated components Window with sliding part Optimum glazing Panel with fixed glazing Exchange and combination with standard panels (full, window, door) possible Attractive price-performance ratio Toughened safety glass (ESG) 4-16-4 gas filled (u = 1,1), white pvc profile Delivery possible for internal heights 2,350 mm, 2,540 mm and 2,700 mm Cabin glazing with skylight Attractive appearance ESG glass 6-16-6 gas-filled (u = 1.1), white PVC profile Optional glass types available (VSG, TVG) Optional double wing door with fixed glazing Optional tilting lever for skylight Available for spaces with internal heights of 2,540 mm and 2,700 mm The cabin glazing is available in the standard specification as discribed only. It is fixed to the frame and a later alteration isnt possible. For each building a technical review and clearance is required.